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logo 採母鹿環抱小鹿的溫馨畫面,傳達著品牌希望帶給人不只是生理上的滿足,更希望能觸碰到親子間最深層心理感受。不論是品牌抑或空間設計,皆採舒適自然為概念,讓爸爸媽媽和寶寶能夠一腳踏進來,就感受到最自然的歡迎。

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LaLaSo is founded by several new parents who want to accompany their babies grow up with lots of passion. Also, LaLaSo is the first family activity center that including swimming. cooking. massaging and yoga activities. These new daddy and mommy were in the different skill areas but now they begin to combine all the skills to create a place based on offering a place that new parents could learn together without so much worries.

 The logo is designed as a little deer surrounded by the mother and which totally conveys the concept of this place: love and warm. No matter the brand or the space design we hope parents and babies could feel comfortable when they step in this place.


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我們也為此品牌設計了專屬吉祥物:Dear 將及他的好朋友青青將,希望讓來到這裡的大朋友小朋友都能和我們一起拉拉手享受美好的一天!



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